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Jun 8, 2023

Dr. Teresa Fowler (MEd’11) is a researcher who is diving into the sexism, misogyny and hypermasculinity of hockey in Canada and who is now working directly with Hockey Canada to try to correct the enduring problems. She is an assistant professor at Concordia University of Edmonton in the faculty of education. Her research focuses on critical white masculinities and the implications of masculinity on men's mental health in hockey culture as well as anti-colonial pedagogic approaches to teacher education. She received her Master of Education from UNB and PhD from the University of Calgary, and she has over 15 years of professional experience in K-12 education in the areas of guidance and counselling, mental health services, and Indigenous education. Teresa is a member of Scholars Against Abuse in Canadian Sport that have partnered with Center for Children’s Rights to push for a judicial inquiry into the sport.  

In this episode: 

  • Teresa’s family background and how she began noticing indifferences in the culture of young men in hockey 

  • What is causing harm to young hockey players' identities and mental health 

  • Shifting the culture of hockey away from aggression and back to skills and competition.  

  • How silence is hard to break.  

  • Our research shows that sexisim in hockey culture is as normal as the air they breathe.  

  • Shocking examples of sexism grooming in young hockey culture in Canada. 

  • Her work with Hockey Canada to help them make the right changes. 

  • How Hockey Canada can take the lead and make a shift nationwide and why that’s important for all sports. 

  • Harassment experienced for doing this kind of work. 

  • How white supremacy is tied to misogyny in hockey in Canada. 

  • The introduction of white male love into men’s hockey in the country. 

  • How to begin making positive changes in toxic masculine culture.  

  • How men’s equality is important in the conversation.  

  • The status of an inquiry in sport in Canada, and Teresa’s recommendation at the inquiry to move sport away from Heritage Canada into Health.  


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