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Nov 18, 2021

Eric Cook is Executive Director and CEO of RPC, New Brunswick’s provincial research organization that provides science and engineering services to over 1100 clients annually. Eric’s career spans leadership in the application of science and technology in sectors including advanced manufacturing, space science, aerospace, and wireless communications. He’s served as the project engineer for Canada’s first interplanetary space instrument (a mission to Mars), and as General Manager of internationally recognized COM DEV Wireless. He’s an avid researcher into Industry 4.0 as part of the sixth wave of innovation that we’re now entering.   

In this episode: 

  • Why innovation can happen anywhere and not just in big cities, and how students and employers today can build talent right at home 
  • What Eric learned at NASA early in his career 
  • What he does at RPC and how they work with the cannabis industry in NB 
  • How young employees are helping to companies move in a more sustainable direction 
  • How to identify future trends and be on the leading edge 
  • Eric’s thoughts on SMR technology and the fossil fuel challenge 
  • Discussion on Industry 4.0 and automation – and how changes to industry are on the way 
  • What companies should have in their toolbox for the future - in a post-pandemic and climate-emergency world 

Links and resources: 

Research & Productivity Council (RPC): 

Milk Analysis Powered by IoT and AI: 

High-end Specialized Handsaw: 

New Brunswick-based Cannabis Producer: 

Kondratiev or Supercycle Wave in Technology or Economy: 

NBIF Innovation Voucher Fund: 

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