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Oct 6, 2021

Michaela D'Intino (BScE’16) is a young alum, having graduated from Civil Engineering at UNB just five years ago. But Michaela didn’t go into a typical engineering firm or construction job. She went into supply chain and process improvement roles in the food and beverage sector. After working for a number of years with food and beverage giant Pepsi, she’s now with Nova Scotia-based Made With Local. She discusses the importance of local supply chains, why she’s passionate about building strong operations at a local Atlantic company, and tips on how to lead successfully as a young professional.  

In this episode: 

  • Why Michaela is passionate about local supply chains and building strong operations for a local Atlantic company. 
  • The satisfaction of having personal connections with local suppliers. 
  • The philosophy behind Made with Local. 
  • How supply chain got crazy when Covid-19 took over the world. 
  • The lesson Michaela learned about leading and working with diverse teams. 
  • Tips for quick success after graduation and how to lead as a young professional.  

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