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Jun 23, 2022

Mitch Cobb (BA’02) is co-owner and CEO of Upstreet Craft Brewery, on Prince Edward Island. But Upstreet isn’t just a brewery (even though it's grown to become a major player in the Atlantic Canada brewing industry), it’s a Certified B Corp, intent on doing business differently and making a positive impact in their community. Mitch has been named one of Atlantic Canada’s Top 50 CEOs by Atlantic Business Magazine. He graduated from UNB with an Arts degree in Anthropology and International Development and says that a lightbulb went off for him when he realized that community development and business are not on the opposite sides of the spectrum. 

In this episode: 

  • The origin story for Upstreet 
  • The meaning behind being a certified B Corp and why it’s important 
  • Why Mitch is drawn to purpose-driven entrepreneurship 
  • The passion and technology behind Upstreet reducing its carbon footprint  
  • An honest conversation around corporate greed and a shift in Millennial and Gen Z consumers 
  • How to find balance as an entrepreneur 
  • Leaning into shifts in society, including creating a non-alcoholic craft beer 

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