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Feb 17, 2022

James Gitau (BBA'87, MA'89) came from Kenya to Canada in the 1980s to study at UNB and later returned to Africa to cultivate an esteemed career with UNICEF across the globe. He’s part of UNICEF’s senior leadership and operations group, and over the years has developed cross-cultural team leadership skills and has gained international experience within the humanitarian and development context. He’s currently Deputy Representative, Operations for Yemen.   

In this episode: 

  • How taking the chance to study abroad in Canada during the 1980s changed the course of his life.  
  • James’ perspective on travelling to over 30 countries with UNICEF, and the mystical, fulfilling, and challenging experiences of his career. 
  • How ensuring policy framework and policy changes were fair, transparent and ethical, was an important yet challenging task in many third world countries.  
  • Experiencing diverse cultures and learning the history and heritage of the places he’s travelled to.  

Links and resources: 

James’ LinkedIn page

UNB Fredericton Faculty of Management

Support the Yemin crisis response by UNICEF 

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